Blog Posts

Increase website traffic with SEO blog posts that readers and search engines love.

Almost every website should have a blog that gets updated often. Without one, search engine traffic that could be yours is going to your competitors.


But it can be hard to think of blog topics when you’ve got a business to run, let alone find time to write about them. With Crown Copywriting, you’ll always have interesting and insightful blog content your followers look forward to reading.


Blog posts have a sales focus, giving information that directs readers to your products, services and landing pages. The more time your readers want to spend on your website, the more likely you are to make a sale.


Blogging is also one of the most useful SEO tools. Regular posting not only shows your audience that you’re knowledgeable, thoughtful and engaged, but it encourages search engines to rank your website more highly. Combined with plenty of SEO keywords and links to other good resources, blogging makes it very easy for new customers to find your website.


When you ask for three or more blog posts at once, I’ll even give you a discount.


Unlike articles, blog posts:


  • Are shorter (usually 300-1,000 words).

  • Are informally written.

  • Give your opinions or thoughts, not just information.

  • Don’t focus so much on providing sources.

  • Are suited to a broad, casual readership.

  • Give a general overview of a subject.