Proofreading & Editing

Simple mistakes make you look lazy and clumsy. Reclaim your credibility by getting a professional to proofread or edit your work.

Bad spelling and grammar makes any writing seem low-quality and unreliable.


Crown Copywriting’s professional proofreading and editing services are an affordable way to make your writing confident, clear and convincing.


Correct spelling, grammar and structure make a great first impression, especially if you’re:

  • A new author trying to get a book deal.

  • A student who wants a higher grade on their next essay.

  • Applying for your dream job, and need a perfect CV.

  • An expert in your field writing a revolutionary paper.

  • Trying to impress investors with your latest report.

  • A business whose content needs a little touching up.

  • A self-published author who wants a good reputation.

  • Speaking English as a second language and need your documents to sound natural.

Crown Copywriting uses the Guardian Style Guide and the Collins Dictionary for proofreading and editing. If you need your writing to fit a different style guide or dictionary, just let me know.