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Blogs & Articles

SEO blogs and articles are without a doubt the best tools for attracting organic website traffic, building your industry authority and keeping your audience coming back for more. (10% discount for credited content.)

Google's number one webpage ranking factor is "consistent publication of engaging content". That's why regularly updating your website with thoughtful blog posts and insightful articles is the most effective way to skyrocket your SEO and outgrow your competitors.

But there's a catch. Coming up with original, interesting topics every week is no easy task, let alone finding the time to write them while you have a business to run. And unless you're experienced in SEO, all that effort might not even attract a single new customer.

As a trained SEO content writer, Crown Copywriting provides you with well-researched, on-brand content marketing that readers and search engines love. From 500-word blog posts that drive audience engagement to 5,000-word articles that build your authority, I'm here to help you decide what length, frequency and content best suits your goals.

I'm always happy to supply your business with ghostwritten content. But I offer a 10% discount on any blogs and articles that include a byline and linked author bio from Crown Copywriting.

To climb the ranks of Google and become the business people turn to for answers, contact Crown Copywriting today for engaging SEO blogs and articles.

(P.S. On average, companies that blog attract 55% more website visitors and produce 67% more leads per month. That means hiring a professional to write your SEO blogs and articles could hugely increase your profits while you just sit back and relax.)

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