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How It Works

There are only six simple steps between you and on-brand, high-converting copy:


  1. Use my contact form to tell me about you and your project. If you have the time to discuss the job by phone or video call, that’s even better.

  2. I’ll send you a short creative brief with questions that’ll let me understand your project. After you return the completed brief, I’ll give you an appropriate quote based on your answers.

  3. Once we agree on a price and deadline, I’ll get to work.

  4. I’ll email you the completed first draft copy as a Microsoft Word attachment within our agreed deadline. If you’re perfectly happy with the first draft, or you don’t ask for a second draft within 10 working days, I’ll send you an invoice.

  5. If you’d like me to change anything, I’ll write a second draft for free. This can be anything from a few small adjustments to a complete rewrite.

  6. I’ll email you the completed second draft, along with an invoice. Payment is accepted by bank transfer.

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