How It Works

My copywriting process is actually very simple (for you, at least). There are only six steps between you and copy that makes more money:

1) Use the contact form to tell me who you are and what you need. No face-to-face meetings are required, but I’m happy to discuss the job by phone or video call whenever you like.

2) I’ll send you a comprehensive creative brief with questions that’ll let me understand the job in detail. I’ll then give you an appropriate quote based on your answers. There’s no upfront fee.

3) Once we agree on a price and deadline, I’ll get to work.

4) I’ll email you the completed copy as a Microsoft Word attachment, making it easy to move over to your website, email or design document. (Different formats are available on request.)

5) If changes need to be made, I’ll write a second draft for free. This can be anything from a few small adjustments to a complete rewrite.

6) I’ll submit an invoice along with the second draft, or within 10 working days of the first draft if you don’t ask for a second. Payment is accepted by bank transfer.

That’s all!