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Proofreading & Copyediting

A professional proofreader and copyeditor fixes the typos, factual errors and structural issues that keep your in-house copy from reaching its maximum influence and credibility.

Even the simplest mistakes can make your writing seem shoddy and unreliable. But no matter how many times you read things over, errors have a habit of slipping through. And when you've got a business to run, the last thing you need is to slowly pick through pages upon pages of copy another 20 times.

Recruiting Crown Copywriting for proofreading and copyediting is an affordable way to bring a fresh pair of eyes to your in-house copy. I identify the errors, inaccuracies and ineffective structures that are hard to spot when you're so close to the project. That leaves you with clear, convincing, confident copy that your customers trust. (It also gives you a lot more time to spend on something more interesting.)

Crown Copywriting offers three types of service to give your webpages, newsletters, presentations and other documents the right level of polish:

  • Proofreading - a quality control step that corrects spelling, grammar and consistency to make your copy reader-ready.

  • Copyediting - minor edits that ensure your copy is fluent, accurate and easy to understand. (Includes proofreading.)

  • Substantive editing - major edits that restructure and rewrite your ideas to make sure they're perfectly suited to your purpose and audience. (Includes proofreading and copyediting.)

Contact Crown Copywriting today, and I'll help you decide what level of support your in-house copy needs to blow your readers away.

(P.S. Research shows that 59% of people wouldn't use a company with spelling or grammar mistakes in its content. If you're not sure whether it's affect or effect, which or that, colon or semicolon and so on, you might be missing out on more than half of your potential customers.)

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