About Crown Copywriting

What is Crown Copywriting?

Set up in 2020, Crown Copywriting is a freelance copywriting agency built to increase performance for brands across the UK.

When you hire Crown Copywriting, you'll be working with me, Oliver Petts. I'm a qualified and trusted freelance copywriter from Tavistock in Devon.

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What makes Crown Copywriting different?

I've written about why you should hire a copywriter and what services Crown Copywriting offers elsewhere.

What you really want to know is why – of all the copywriters out there – Crown Copywriting is the right choice for you.

So, here’s the biggest reason to work with me…

I know your customers.

I know who they are, what they want, and what motivates them to buy.

Want to know how?

In a past life, I travelled the world teaching English to learners of all ages, abilities, backgrounds and personalities. Every lesson was tailor-made to suit the goals of each class, so I never used the same plan twice. I spoke in words that were meaningful to my students, and I built a positive relationship with every single one.

In other words, I’m trained to know exactly what people need, what words they respond to, and what gets them to take action.

That means I don’t waste your time and money writing for the wrong people.

How can I be so sure?

Knowing the right way to speak to different audiences is certainly handy, but there’s more to it than that. My years of teaching have also shown me one of life’s most valuable skills: preparation.

And in copywriting, preparation means a thorough creative brief.

A creative brief is a list of questions that let me understand your business and the project you’ve hired me for. Most copywriters like to tell you they have a “short creative brief” for you to fill out. It’s “short” because they don’t want to scare you off by asking you to put some effort in.


But as a business owner, you know the quick and easy route doesn’t make you money.


A short creative brief doesn’t give the copywriter enough detail to really understand your business, your offer, or your customers. So, the copy you get from a short creative brief never sells as well as it could. It’s a waste of your time and money.

My creative brief isn’t particularly long, but it is comprehensive. You can even read my creative brief to see for yourself.

Put simply:


The more you tell me about your business, the more money your new copy makes you.

But wait, there's more...

There are plenty of other reasons why Crown Copywriting is the place to go for great copy. I’m also…

A stack of coins.


My copywriting day rate is only £200. Compared to the UK average of £379, you save £179 every day. I’m keeping my prices low because many businesses are struggling this year and don’t have money to spare. But you should act quickly; this low price is only for 2021.

Trained and qualified

Copywriters don’t actually need qualifications to set up a business, but I want my writing to be the best it can be. Crown Copywriting is backed up by accredited Level 4 diplomas in copywriting, SEO content writing, editing, and proofreading. I also have an undergraduate degree in English, and a master’s degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. That means you can be sure your copy is of the highest quality, no matter what you sell or who your audience is.

A document.
A book.

Always researching

When I’m not working with a client, I stay on top of the copywriting trend with books, podcasts, courses and articles. Your copy will include tested and proven sales techniques (tailored to your business) to make your products and services sell.

Creative and precise

I’m a comic book artist in my spare time. As well as coming up with new, challenging ideas, I always make sure artwork and text fits naturally into the limited space on a page. Your new copy will always stand out and suit the space or word limit required, without being bloated or overwhelming.

A pen.
Speec boxes.


Some freelancers cut themselves off from phone calls and emails while they work, often to the frustration of their clients. Crown Copywriting keeps you involved in the process, and makes the effort to respond quickly when you call or email.

Focused on the deadline

Even the best copy in the world is useless if you get it too late. Crown Copywriting never misses a deadline. You can rest easily knowing your copy is in good hands.

A clock.

Still not convinced?

Then take a look at what my clients say about me.